Pneumonia: a contagious infection in the lungs

Children, elderly and hospitalized people more at risk

Dr. Sahil Ansari
शनिवार २८ फाल्गुण, २०७८
११ महिनाअघि

Pneumonia is a contagious infection in one or both lungs.

Pneumonia can affect anyone. But newborns, children and the elderly often suffer from pneumonia because of their reduced ability to fight against the diseases. Pneumonia in such an age group can be fatal.

Pneumonia is more common in physically weak people. Pneumonia is caused by a variety of germs. Attacks by certain types of germs can cause lung infections and pneumonia.
These germs can adversely affect the respiratory system. Pneumonia can also be transmitted from the community and hospital.

Pneumonia is more likely to occur in newborns, Worsening of or neglecting common cold, winter seasons, people who are exposed to pollution, heavy smoking, and immunocompromised people who are being treated for any disease.

People with diabetes, asthma, chronic tuberculosis, chronic illness, respiratory problems, low immunity, use of steroids, contact with people with pneumonia, are more likely to get pneumonia. Also, a 24 to 48-hour hospital stay can lead to pneumonia infections.

This is known as Hospital-acquired pneumonia. Some people catch pneumonia during a hospital stay for another illness. People who are on breathing machines (ventilators), often used in intensive care units, are at higher risk of this type of pneumonia.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia can be serious because the bacteria causing it may be more resistant to antibiotics and because the people who get it are already sick. Some people may have silent pneumonia which causes normal symptoms.

Silent pneumonia can be diagnosed only when you come to the hospital for treatment of other diseases. Pneumonia is a disease of the chest and lungs. It is natural to have cough and respiratory problems due to lung disease.

Pneumonia also causes fever, chest pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, tingling in the abdomen, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and weakness of the body. See your doctor if you have difficulty breathing, chest pain, persistent fever of 102 F (39 C) or higher, persistent cough, especially if you’re coughing up the pus.

X-rays or CT scans can tell if an infected person has pneumonia. Antibacterial drugs are widely used to treat pneumonia caused by other causes. As pneumonia worsens, water and pus can build up in the lungs, and infections can spread to other parts of the body.

Gradually the organs of the body stop working, and if left untreated, pneumonia can lead to death. The first step in preventing death from pneumonia is not to neglect the common cold. As pneumonia can be passed from one person to another, wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and staying away from crowds help prevent pneumonia.

Vaccines against pneumonia can also be given to prevent pneumonia. Pneumonia can also be prevented by paying attention to hygiene and cleanliness. Get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet. Smoking can further complicate those who already have pneumonia.

So it’s better to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Also, if you have any signs of pneumonia, you need to see a doctor asap.

Dr. Sahil
Dr. Sahil Ansari is a medical officer in Neuro Cardio and Multi-Specialty Hospital, Biratnagar.

प्रकाशित समय: शनिवार २८ फाल्गुण, २०७८, ०९:३२:५०
‘आईबीडी’काे पहिलाे अधिवेशन सम्पन्न, ११ सदस्यीय कार्यसमितिकाे नेतृत्वमा मल्ल
शनिवार ७ माघ, २०७९
उपसभामुख मगर
समाजसेवादेखि शुभारम्भ भएकाे उपसभामुख मगरकाे राजनीतिक उडान
शनिवार ७ माघ, २०७९
विमान दुर्घटना
विमान दुर्घटना अपडेटः ७२ यात्रुमध्ये ११ विदेशी, तीन बालबालिका, हालसम्म ३२ शव निकालियाे
आईतबार १ माघ, २०७९
साताका सात
साताका ७ तस्बिरः धनकुटादेखि डाेटीसम्म
शनिवार १६ पुस, २०७९
एभरेष्टले जित्याे २७औं संस्करणको अन्तरविद्यालय जेसिस टेस्टी टेस्टी हाजिरी जवाफ प्रतियोगिताको उपाधि
शनिवार १६ पुस, २०७९
अस्ताए फिफा प्लेयर अफ द सेन्चुरी ‘पेले’
शुक्रबार १५ पुस, २०७९
आहा रारा गोल्डकप
२२औँ आहा रारा गोल्डकप फुटबल प्रतियोगिता सुरु, विजेताले १२ लाख पाउने
बिहिबार १४ पुस, २०७९
प्रथम अधिवेशन
प्रदेशसभाको अधिवेशन पुस १७ गते
बुधबार १३ पुस, २०७९
क्युएफएक्स सिनेमाजको विराटनगर
क्युएफएक्स सिनेमाजको विराटनगरकाे अफरै अफर
बुधबार १३ पुस, २०७९
गगन, शेखर कि देउवा
गगन, शेखर कि देउवाः काे बन्ला कांग्रेस संसदीय दलकाे नेता ?
सोमबार ४ पुस, २०७९
फिलिपिन्सविरुद्ध जितको खोजीमा नेपाल
शनिवार ७ फाल्गुण, २०७८
केपी ओली
केपी ओलीको सुझाव : प्रदेश १ को नाम कोसी राखाैँ
शनिवार २१ फाल्गुण, २०७८
बन्न नसकेका समाचार
शनिवार १ माघ, २०७८
प्रदेश १ मा कोभिड : सङ्क्रमित हुनेभन्दा सङ्क्रमणमुक्त हुने धेरै
शनिवार १५ माघ, २०७८
यी हुन् प्रदेश १ का १२ मन्त्रालय
मङ्गलबार १८ माघ, २०७८
पल शाह
नायक पल शाह प्रहरी नियन्त्रणमा !
आईतबार १५ फाल्गुण, २०७८
राप्रपा नेपाल र एमालेले सहकार्य गर्ने सम्भावना
बुधबार २ चैत, २०७८
पलको बचाउ
पलको बचाउ गर्दै पूजाले भनिन् : उसको अनेकन् योगदान सम्झेर एउटा गल्ती बिर्सिनुपर्छ (भिडियो)
बुधबार ११ फाल्गुण, २०७८
एसएस राजमौली
एसएस राजामौलीको ‘आरआरआर’ बाहुबलीकै लयमा
सोमबार १४ चैत, २०७८
नेपाल भ्रमणमा आएको मोरिससको टोली
दक्षिण एसियामा ‘अभागी’ मोरिसस !
बुधबार १९ माघ, २०७८